Every person in our community will experience end of life with caring and knowledgeable support.


Hospice Waterloo Region provides the best in hospice and palliative services, supports and education to you, your family, and our broader communities.


Volunteerism – to engage the community to be actively involved in end of life journeys through volunteerism, understanding and compassion, and support of their fellow community members.

Respect and Integrity – to treat all people with respect and dignity as the basis to build engaging relationships that facilitate positive end of life experiences.

Compassionate Care – to ensure that all people supported are treated with compassion, are well cared for, and treated with sensitivity for one of life’s most intimate experiences.

Teamwork and Collaboration – to work collaboratively with people involved in an end of life experience, as well as with other service providers and the community in maximizing the resources and supports available.

Professionalism – to constantly strive for excellence in our supports and services through being a learning organization, using best practices, fostering innovation and continuous improvement, and being a leader in compassionate palliative care.