Hospice Staff

Judy Nairn – Executive Director

Tracy Helm – Director, Fund Development
Melissa Parker – Events Coordinator

Barb Jones – Counsellor
Joyce Gingrich – Counsellor

Mark Godin – Director, Strategic and Client Services
Alexandra Allen – Coordinator, Volunteer Program
Katie Jervis
 – Coordinator, Volunteer Program
Alana Herner – Coordinator, Outreach Program
Nicole Dove-Lewis – Coordinator, Day Program
Leslie Duffy – Coordinator, Community Program

Christine Bigelow – Director, HPC Consultation Services
Denise Eppel – Program Assistant
Heather Elliot – Pain and Symptom Consultant
Erin McMahon Aguar – Pain and Symptom Consultant

Sheli O’Connor – ACP Project Lead
Dale Gellatly – ACP Community Engagement
Ashley Tyrell – ACP Health Care

Lori Helm – Manager, Administrative Services

Eva Tucker – Coordinator, Accounting Services
Lynda Kramers – Coordinator, Accounting Services