Do You Have

An Illness?

Learning that you have a life-threatening illness can be scary. We offer help for you and your family.

Are you

A Caregiver?

Caring for a someone who is coping with a life-threatening illness can be hard. You don’t need to do it alone.

Have You Lost

A Loved One?

If you are grieving a loss, we offer a variety of supports. We are here to help.

The Hospice Of Waterloo Region Experience

“You matter because you are you – and you matter right to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die.”

Dame Cicely Saunders

Nurse, Physician, Writer, and Founder of Hospice Movement

Hospice Waterloo Region holds as a core value that death is a natural conclusion of life and that hospice palliative care neither prolongs nor hastens a natural death. The model of care that is delivered by Hospice Waterloo Region is based on recognition that hospice palliative care is “Whole Person” care focused on supporting and improving the quality of life for persons who are living with or dying from advanced illness, and for those who are bereaved by the loss of a loved one.

Get In Touch With Hospice

Do you have questions about Hospice Waterloo Region, our programs and services, or the hospice experience? Please contact us.  We’d be happy to speak with you.

Call Us Today At 519.743.4114

The Cook Family Residence

To Contact the Residence
Please Call 226-666-3547

A New Hospice Palliative Care Centre

And Residence In North Waterloo

The Gies Family Centre

Hospice Waterloo Region is located in North Waterloo, just off of University Avenue. The Gies Family Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that delivers integrated hospice palliative care services for the community and in the 11-bed Cook Family Residence.

Events at Hospice Waterloo Region

Hospice Waterloo Region holds many activities throughout the year for those who are looking for support for themselves or their loved one (blue), community information and education (green) and fundraising events (yellow).

To view the full calendar of these activities, click the below link.

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