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Thank You for Your Generosity


Hospice Waterloo Region’s “Lights of Love” is a wonderful way to become part of our compassionate community by helping to support family, friends, and neighbours at this critical time in a life journey.

Ongoing donations are vital to ensure that Hospice Waterloo Region can provide exceptional service and care, at no charge, to hospice clients and their families. Funding from the government covers only a portion of our annual operating budget. We need to raise the rest through the generous support of our community.

Wayne’s Story

Wayne arrived at Hospice Waterloo Region with his wife, Mary Jane, in the spring of 2021. They had been in the throes of buying a new house when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her illness progressed quickly, and Wayne hardly had time to process that she would not be moving with him. During their three weeks together at Hospice, he stayed with her almost every night. He remembers how much the staff cared for them both. They always asked Mary Jane what she needed to make her most comfortable and even washed her hair. Whenever they checked on her, they had a smile and a kind word for him, too.

“It was truly heartwarming to find that several of the nurses and PSWs remembered me and Mary Jane, some of them in great detail.”

Months later, when he attended a hospice event, he knew he wanted to volunteer. Today he serves in the residence kitchen each week and has also joined the gardening team.

“When I come back to Hospice, I’m treated like a family member. The nursing staff remember Mary Jane, and I’m surrounded by caring people. Volunteering has been an important part of my grief recovery.”

Today we ask you to consider making a donation to our year-end appeal. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Your gift will go towards helping us continue to serve individuals and families at The Gies Family Centre and the Cook Family Residence. Thank you for your support.

“It was truly heartwarming to find that several of the nurses and PSWs remembered me and Mary Jane, some of them in great detail.”


On Dec. 3, 2023, we gathered to remember our loved ones and celebrate those in our care. Here are some photos from that night.

Woman holding a lantern.
A group of people pose for a photo. It is raining and they are holding umbrellas and wearing rain gear.
A group of people holding lanterns and carrying umbrellas walk together.
A group of people walk past The Gies Family Centre. They are holding umbrellas.
A group of people carrying lanterns and umbrellas walks along the back side of The Gies Family Centre.
A group of people walk in front of The Gies Family Centre. There is a Lights of Love sign attached to a lamp post.
A woman in a white hand stands in front of a microphone. Several people holding umbrellas look on.
A choir performs.
Two people stand together in an embrace. They are holding a blue umbrella and standing in front of The Gies Family Centre
People put down lanterns.
A woman places a lantern on the ground.
Musician Juneyt poses in front of The Gies Family Centre.
Judy poses with a woman in a red jacket.
Lynn hands out bookmarks for a Waterloo Fire Rescue member.
Wayne and a woman stand together.
The front of The Gies Family Centre with the Love sign in the foreground.

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Please contact Melissa Parker: melissa@hospicewaterloo.ca.

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