Legacy activities are a way for families to share special moments together when someone has an advanced illness, and provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the events and people who have shaped it.

Legacy activities can include painting and arts-based projects, recipe binders, collecting stories, etc. The completed item serves as a reminder of the person, what they loved, and what was important to them. No matter what form legacy takes, be assured it will be a timeless extension of oneself, that family and friends will cherish forever.

Legacy Activities For Individuals And Families

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Below Is A List Of Legacy Activities That Families Can Do Together:

  • Create a scrapbook with pictures/keepsakes related to a particular time in your life, a loved one, a favorite vacation or celebration
  • Create a photo album of favourite photos with accompanying captions
  • Compile a binder of favourite recipes
  • Compile a collection of favourite songs or hymns
  • Create a quilt made out of your favorite T-shirts or other fabric items
  • Handprints of you and/or your loved ones in plaster
  • Write cards or purchase gifts for a future birthday, holiday or special occasion
  • Write a poem or a song created specifically for your loved one(s)
  • Plant a tree
  • Ethical Wills – write a letter to your family that shares your personal/family values, beliefs, spiritual values, accomplishments, hopes/wishes, life lessons, forgiveness etc.

If you would like assistance from a volunteer to help you complete a legacy activity, please contact Hospice Waterloo Region at 519-743-4114.

Resources To Guide You As You Create An Ethical Will Or Legacy Message:

Adams, Gemini

Ashe, Arthur and Arnold Rampersad

Frankl, Viktor E.

Padgett, Ann

Need More Information?

Sometimes, starting the process of legacy work can seem daunting or a little overwhelming. Here are some resources that might help guide you:

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