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Ongoing donations and events are vital to ensure that Hospice Waterloo Region can provide exceptional service and care, free of charge, to hospice clients and their families.

In addition to our special events, community fundraisers are great way to support the work of Hospice Waterloo Region and increase awareness in the community. Thank you for your interest in supporting us.

Partial funding from the government covers only 55% of our annual operating budget. This goes towards direct medical costs, which includes the clinical staff in the residence. (While significantly lower than the cost of a hospital bed, it costs about $470/per day to accommodate a client in a residence suite.)


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Events at Hospice Waterloo Region

Hospice Waterloo Region holds many activities throughout the year for those who are looking for support for themselves or their loved one (blue), community information and education (green) and fundraising events (yellow).

To view the full calendar of these activities, click the below link.

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