With your support, we offer compassionate care and companionship to the families we serve.

Dusty and Black Lab

Hospice receives a special visitor every Tuesday. Wearing the official “Client Support Volunteer” name tag and green bandana, he is welcomed with smiles and hugs by staff, volunteers, hospice clients and their families. His name is Dusty. Specially trained with National Service Dogs, he is an 82-pound black lab with a very big heart.

Bringing emotional support dogs into healthcare settings is becoming increasingly popular. It’s now well known that their presence can relieve pain, anxiety and loneliness. Just ask Hospice volunteer, Rosemary Off.

When she brings Dusty to Hospice, he understands the need for sensitivity and calm. His job is to let people know he’s there and offer companionship. In return, they put their arms around him and stroke his ears and soft, shiny fur, grateful for his attention and patience. It can mean so much to experience moments of comfort and joy, and a brief respite from the worry, stress and challenges of the day.
Dusty the black Lab and owner Rosemary Off

It is our mission at Hospice to offer the highest quality of compassionate care to every client and their family. Along with the staff and all of our volunteers, Dusty and Rosemary help us do this.

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