You Only Die Once: #YODOContest calls on filmmakers and storytellers in Waterloo Region to tell stories that focus on death as a part of living. We want you to use your artistic expression to create a film of 3 minutes (excluding credits) in length that explores and educations others about the personal journeys through death, dying and bereavement in an authentically unique way that has a positive influence on the community.

    Submit your film proposals by Oct. 31st, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Selected entrants will be notified by Nov. 7, 2022. If you have questions, please email Alexandra Allen, the Community Relations Manager at Hospice Waterloo Region:

    Film Overview


    How did you hear about this competition?

    Terms of Agreement
    • Limit one film per submission

    • You must currently reside in the Region of Waterloo, and be 20 years of age or older

    • The length of your film must be no more than 3 minutes in length (excluding credits)

    • It can be in a vertical or horizontal orientation. No pixel quality no lower than 1080P (1920×1080 px; also known as the Full HD or FHD, 2K, and BT.709)

    • Your film must be completely original work, all music, images, or sounds must be property cited and referenced in final credits of the film. You will be permitted to include some stock photos/images; however 60% of photos and images must be original.

    • Your film must tell a story, real or imagined defined as a “a spoken or written account of connected events, a story”

    • You must include an acknowledgement of Hospice Waterloo Region and the YODO – “You Only Die Once” 2022 contest in the credits at the end of your short film

    • You will be asked to sign a consent agreeing to the following:

      • the use of photos and interviews as part of our contest promotion.

      • HWR to have exclusive use of your submitted film, for a period of one year, in the work of palliative care engagement and education in Waterloo Region.

      • That the film submitted by you may be used by HWR for advertising, marketing, and /or educational purposes in any relevant programming in perpetuity.

    • By submitting your film to the YODO contest you are also agreeing

      • To engage with HWR throughout the filmmaking process by participating in short interviews to showcase your story and the inspirations behind the film. You agree that these interviews may be shared with the public through HWR social media platforms as part of our contest promotion. Winners will also be asked to participate in the annual GRFF podcast to talk about their film making journey and their YODO submission.

    Click Submit below and allow one business day for a reply.

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