Thank you for your continued support in making our new Hospice feel like home…

… a place to share special stories, reflect on treasured moments and find peace as a family.

Hospice Waterloo Region’s spring appeal, “Let Love Bloom” is a wonderful way to become part of our community circle of care. Help create beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces that will bring a sense of tranquillity and timelessness to all those who will use them.  

For many who come to The Gies Family Centre, Hospice Waterloo Region, it is a highly emotional time. When a family and their loved one arrives, the staff and volunteers provide immediate care and support. By creating a welcoming and comfortable setting inside and out, we give families a place to feel safe and, most importantly, to feel at home.

The Cook Family Residence will be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It will be a place for families and friends to come together to share special stories, reflect on treasured moments and find peace as a family.

How it works:

  • When you scroll down, you’ll notice 4 different categories of items — from flowers, outdoor furniture, garden tools and décor.
  • If there is a category you would like to donate to, just click on the photo below to learn more about the items needed.
  • Your donation will go towards the purchase of an item in that category.

Colour Our World

Hospice Waterloo - Let Love Bloom

Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs, and Grasses

Let the Sun Shine

Hospice Waterloo - Let Love Bloom

Garden Tools, Birdhouse Building Supplies, and Group Refreshments

Sewing Seeds of Love

Hospice Waterloo - Let Love Bloom

Watering Cans, Wheel Barrows, Outdoor Planters, and a Lawn Mover

Rest & Reflection

Hospice Waterloo - Let Love Bloom

Outdoor Furniture, Shade Umbrellas, Bird Feeders, and Garden Décor

If you would like to make a general donation to Let Love Bloom: Spring Appeal, please click on one of the links below!

A Landscape Architect’s Vision


The design philosophy for the Hospice landscape embraces the outdoors as a place of meditation, ceremony, and memorial.  The unique set of gardens surrounding Hospice Waterloo Region are inspired by the landscapes of the area.

Tall white pine trees have been preserved from the former farmhouse site, set next to a tree lined stream and a idyllic pond.  These natural contexts extend onto the site anchoring Hospice with a natural meadow and native tree woodland.  In and around the Hospice building itself are a series of gardens reminiscent of rural and urban home landscapes.

The entry gardens at the north and south entrances to the Residence offer home-like gardens with a mix of shrubs and a variety of perennials.

The symmetry of the main entry gardens has a strong structure of evergreen and deciduous shrubs.  Pockets of perennials, grasses and annuals provide continual change through the seasons.

Interior gardens take on a more naturalistic pattern with species typically found in backyard gardens.  Flowering shrubs are dotted among clusters of beautiful perennials and herbs.  As well shrub borders protect the interior garden sites with species both native to Ontario and non-native ornamental varieties that provide habitat and a food source for pollinators and birds.  Colour is distinct in flower, foliage and plant architecture.

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