Help make The Gies Family Centre, Hospice Waterloo Region feel like a home by adding touches of kindness, warmth and hospitality.

Coming to hospice can, at first, be a highly emotional and anxious time. When a client arrives, the care team immediately begins to help ease the stress that the patient and family may be experiencing. An important part of this arrival process is to provide a private, quiet space for each family to be together in their very own room, for as long as their loved one stays. 

When Sandi’s mother first arrived at hospice, the family did not know what to expect. Once her mom was settled, however, Sandi quickly realized that not only would the staff be taking care of her mom, she, too, would feel cared for. A volunteer offered her a place to sit in a quiet dining room and have a hot bowl of soup. For the first time in days, Sandi felt that she could rest, find moments to reflect, and spend quality, private time with her mother.

For the next three weeks, Hospice become a second home for Sandi and her family. They were surrounded by caring staff, compassionate volunteers and many of the comforts of home…like hot drinks and meals, couches for napping, and garden paths for walking.

When her mom passed away, the staff gathered to say comforting words. They had come to know her mother and would miss her. There was no rush to leave, and they had the opportunity to say goodbye in their own time and space.

Sandi says, “Our time at hospice changed the end of life experience for my mother and for our entire family.” She returns regularly to visit the hospice where her mom was cared for, and each time she arrives she says it feels like she is coming home.

Will you help us make our new Hospice a Home…a place to share special stories, reflect on treasured moments and find peace as a family?

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to furnish The Gies Family Centre for our clients and their families and friends. Visit our Virtual Housewarming Party to donate towards the purchase of items in nine different categories.

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